01. We buy our carrots in [bulk] because they are much cheaper that way.
02. By buying [bulk] purchases of our food, we can get stuff at much lower prices than usual.
03. She was wearing a big [bulky] sweater that hid the fact that she was pregnant.
04. The vast [bulk] of Canada's imports come from the United States.
05. Beirut is a major seaport, and handles the [bulk] of Lebanon's imports and exports.
06. Despite its huge [bulk], the buffalo can run at amazing speeds.
07. The author wrote the [bulk] of his work in England, but only became famous when he moved to the United States.
08. He made the [bulk] of his fortune by speculating on the stock market.
09. The [bulk] of our members in the tennis club are now women.
10. The box isn't really heavy, but it's too [bulky] for one person to carry.
11. The [bulk] of India's thriving movie industry is based in Bombay.
12. When stored properly, [bulk] chocolate without nuts has a shelf life of about eight months.
13. Studies suggest that the [bulk] of social science literature has been written by men on topics of interest to men.
14. The [bulk] of French immigration to Canada occurred in connection with the colony of New France.
15. If the [bulk] of one's income is spent on food, there is very little left for other essentials, not to mention luxuries.
16. Thomas Jefferson once claimed that the [bulk] of mankind are schoolboys through life.
17. There are people from all over the world studying in ESL programs here at the university, but the [bulk] of our students come from Asia.
18. The [bulk] of Tunisia's national budget goes to education, healthcare, housing, and social services.
19. The [bulk] of Kuwait's water supply comes from the ocean, and must have the salt removed in order to be fit to drink.
20. [Bulk] peanuts are on sale at the health food store this week.
21. The [bulk] of development of the human brain occurs after birth.
22. The shear size and [bulk] of the African elephant are amazing to see.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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